How To Be A Good Babysitter?


There are many things that you need to do, if you want to be a good babysitter.

Main Focus On Child

The first one is, to remember that you’re there, to watch the child or the children. That has to be your main focus at all times. Parents need to know, that when they entrust their child, or their children with you, that you’re going to be taking care of them. Make sure if they go into another room, that you follow them, as well. When they’re playing, you should be playing. When they’re eating, you should be watching. If they’re bathing, you should be watching. By selling this piece of mind, parents will be more than likely to call on you again. Always emphasize that you’re there for them. Good babysitters also ask questions.

Don’t be afraid, that before you start a babysitting job, to have a couple of questions ready for the parents. This shows responsibility upon your part, and also it shows that you want to do the best job possible. It’s important, if you have questions, that you feel free and open to ask them. Parents want to make sure, that there’s nothing they haven’t discussed with you, before leaving their child, or their children. Asking questions will give parents the sense of knowledge, so make sure that no matter what, if there’s a question, you ask it.


Another important fact to remember when babysitting is to keep those individual’s privacy. Privacy is one of the main things that all of us want, whether it’s at home, or whether it’s at our workplace, we want to make sure that our belongings are kept private. Don’t wander into rooms that you haven’t been given permission to. If you’re watching a child, typically those areas that the children roam, you may go in, their bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. Other rooms are typically off limits. Make sure that no matter what, you’re not snooping around. You’re simply just watching the child. If for whatever reason the child goes in to an inappropriate area, quickly assist them out. Parents need to know, that not only are you taking care of their child, but that you’re also providing them with a sense of privacy.

How To Help Your Baby Learn Sitting Balance?

Colton is almost 6 months old. He is just starting to figure out sitting. I have him sitting on the edge of my legs. Instead of having him sitting with his legs out wide with a wide base of support, now, he has a much smaller base of support that he is sitting on. This makes his balance much more challenging. Just sitting and playing in this position is a good way to work on sitting balance. You can put a toy a little bit lower (holy moly) and see if he can come down and grab it. I checked it earlier. It was a little far for him to go all the way down, so half way down was a good place to work on his sitting, I am having him lean down a little bit, testing his balance, and coming back up. This is something simple you can do with your baby to work on sitting balance.


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