Babysitting Info

Child Babysitter

Vacation Babysittervideo

Finding A Good Babysitter On Vacation

Vacations should be fun, and you shouldn't be stuck in a hotel room the whole time you're away. So consider hiring a babysitter to...
Babysitting Outings

Facts About Babysitting and Outings While Babysitting

Obscure to many, there is a cost-effective alternative to procuring a babysitter that parents can actually take advantage of. Known as babysitting cooperatives, these...
Good Babysitter

How To Choose A Good Babysitter?

Holding out for a cross between Mary Poppins and Mrs. Doubtfire may be aiming too high, but you don’t have to settle for a...
Finding Babysitter

Finding and Getting A Babysitting Job and Finding A Babysitter

If you are ready and have some experience, go to and search for babysitter openings. If you need more advice, read on to...
Babysitters Background Checks

Datenight Babysitting and Background Checks For Babysitters

Parenthood is hard and parents have less support than they've ever had. Everybody needs a break and we're really helping people take that time...
Perfect Babysitter

How To Be The Perfect Babysitter?

#Tip 1-- when you receive the text message from the parent asking if you're available, always confirm the time and date and don't forget...

Babysitting Job

All About Summer Babysitting Jobs

Summer Babysitting Jobsvideo
Summer babysitting jobs are unique, because parents that need summer services, it's typically because school is out. When school is out, their children are...

Babysitting Jobs For Teens

Teens Babysittingvideo
Experience For many teenagers, getting that first babysitting job, is actually their first job, that they've ever held, but for many applicants, that are trying...

How To Find A Babysitting Job?

Find Babysitting Jobvideo
Advertise One of the first ways you can advertise to find a babysitting job, is simply by putting out flyers. Sometimes passing them out in...

Why House Cleaning Is Necessary For Babysitting?

House Cleaning
Extra Payment It's really good when you clean. Parents don't usually feel like they need to rehire you when they come home to a dirty,...

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