All About Summer Babysitting Jobs


Summer babysitting jobs are unique, because parents that need summer services, it’s typically because school is out. When school is out, their children are enrolled in school. However, during the summer, with that long vacation, they’re in need of some services. Finding summer babysitting jobs is simply going to be making sure, that you advertise yourself properly. Look in your community. Look in your neighborhood. Advertise in the local papers, if necessary, or if you feel comfortable, advertise online as well. Once you get that summer babysitting job, it’s typically going to be an all day, Monday through Friday job.

  • Make sure that you have clear expectations of what the parents need from you. Because you’re going to be watching their child, during the morning, and during the afternoon, it’s important that you understand your responsibilities.
  • It’s also important that when you have summer babysitting jobs, that you keep them eventful. Children have short attention spans, so you need to make sure that at least once a day, or once every other day, you’re planning a special activity to do with the children. This can range from coloring, artwork, to taking them outside.
  • Make sure that you at least plan something special and unique, for each day, if possible, so remember at the end of the summer, that the most important thing, is that you continue to stay in contact with the family. Throughout the school year, they may need babysitting services again, so make sure that you give your information, and that it’s readily available to that family.
  • Also, make sure that at the end of the summer, that you allow them to pass your name on. Sometimes, friends and family members may also be looking for babysitting services, so the more people you get your information to, the more likely you are to babysit again.

Head Control–Sit To Back Lying

We’re working on head control. I just want to show a way to do a pull to sit, pulling her to up to sitting from laying on her back. It’s too hard for her so I’m using my knees as an incline to maybe make this a little easier. I had to get a back support for me, because I’m going to have to lean back further to be able to bring up my knees high enough to make this a place that she can actually be successful at pulling up her head. I’m going to lean back to get her closer to upright. I hold down on her shoulders to give a little bit more support. Then I’m going to pull her up and see if she can tuck her chin to come on up. Good girl! That was so super!

You did great. Want to to try it again? Here we go. I’m going to try just a little lower to see what we got. It makes it trickier when your feet are up. Here we go! So I’m going to use my forearms to hold down our legs just a little bit more. Oh good girl! That was so super! Just because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m going to go with the knees just a little lower. My forearms on her legs and my hands on her shoulders and I am going to pull her shoulders down and see what we’ve got. Her face got red with that one. So I’d say that’s about as far as she can go. That was super, That was a great, simple idea for you to do at home to work on head control.


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