Asking A Pediatrician – Babysitting Advice

Babysitting Advice

It is exciting for parents and children when one of the kids is ready to step and baby sit the younger ones. Babysitting is a big responsibility. You have to make sure the kids are ready and make sure the younger ones are ready to have someone else in charged. We asked our “mid-morning” pediatrician to share advice was this morning. Is there a magic age that a kid should be before they are ready to start babysitting? You have to take each child and their maturity level. In the state of Minnesota there is no specific absolute age. Other than kids under age 11 should not be left home alone. It is not a law. It is a guideline-kind of thing. Thinking about having a babysitter or one of your own children watch younger children, 11 and older is probably the good line. What tips can you give for when you are actually starting to get the kid or teenager ready for babysitting? It is a big responsibility.

CPR Training

CPR training is a good idea understanding how to manage an urgent situation. Making sure you have emergency numbers. Have teenagers really understand how grave taking care of a kid can be. General rules adults recognize. Babies should sleep on their backs. Never shake an infant. Some of those things you naturally know as a grown up, kids need to be taught that. By 11-year-old, we sent him to the Red Cross class, to the training class. It was a day-long class. We didn’t even care if he was going to babysit for other kids but for him to watch his brother we thought it would be good for him to have that training. That is a wonderful class to take. I took that class when i was younger.

Mother’s Helper

One thing I also did, they called it a mother’s helper first. I started baby younger kids with the mom there. She would do something else, maybe laundry but she was there in case i needed her. It was a great way to ease me into the responsibility of taking care of somebody else’s kid. Make sure the kids you are babysitting for know who you are and you have an expectation of what they are about. How do you prepare your home to have a babysitter to take care of your kids? As a parent you want to make sure that you are setting this child up, this babysitter up for success. This is a good checklist you prepared. Perfect. Make sure you have all the important numbers. Especially points of — even if you are having trouble with discipline. There is urgent and there is i need advice.

Urgent Numbers

Having urgent numbers are important. Understanding you want your babysitter to have this be a fun time for them. Setting it up where when your babysitter is there you get to stay up 15 minutes later. What about pay with babysitters? Pay is important thing to talk about and negotiate ahead of time. $11.50 is the metro going rate. Think about that. Depends on where you live. The one thing i hope adults remember is to ask their babysitters not to use social media. Or have an understanding are they going to be posting pictures of your child? At least, if they are texting with their friends, are they.


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