Babysitting Job Games and Tips For Babysitting


The first thing we’re going to do is Just Dance! Remember to join in the fun! Do you want to have snack? Come on! Pick one thing. Max goes first. Let the kids help pick the snack! Remember a drink with the snack. It’s good to let the kids eat outside. If the weather is good go outside! You guys are going to play on the swing set for a little bit. Outdoor playtime! Tickle, tickle, tickle! Keep it fun, keep changing activities! Hey, Mark Adam, do you want to go on the trampoline? Yeah! Come on Max! Jumping on the trampoline lasts a good 10 minutes. Come on guys do you want to go paint?

Positive Attitude

Keep a positive attitude, even if you’re tired. Now we have our paint t-shirts on. You don’t want them to get paint all over themselves or their clothes. If painting, cover up with an old T-shirt. We are going to squirt some paint on this palette so they don’t just dump a whole bunch of paint on it. Be there to show little ones what to do. Here Mark Adam, Here’s your paint brush. Painting for 10 minutes is a good amount of time. Painting was really, really fun with my little brothers. Always remember to clean up. Do you want to go wash your hands now? Come on!


Another you can do when helping your mom babysit your siblings is to read to them. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and read. Read enthusiastically!

Nap Time

Now it’s Mark Adam’s nap time, come on its nap time! It’s really good to take care of kids and have fun because you’re always helping your mom and sometimes you get paid and sometimes you don’t!

Head Control In Sitting

She is beautiful and sweet and happy and she also has Down syndrome. I am so blessed to be able to meet her and be able to show you some ideas with her. I have had several requests to be able to meet a child is different from a typical child. Who wants to be typical right? Anyway, I am going to show some basic ideas for head control. Let’s up on up my friend. I am supporting her head because she hasn’t gotten full head control yet. I am just going to pick her on up and put her in my lap. One of the first things I do is work on head control.

I am going to scoot her back on my lap just a little bit further. I am just going to hold down her shoulders and see how she does with her head control. Her shoulders are actually down which is a nice sign. I lot of times they are up really high. Her shoulders are down. If you provide a little bit of support down through the shoulders, it makes it a little bit easier for her to hold up her head. I have her all the way back against my stomach when I sit her in my lap. That gives her back support as well. So it’s a good way when you are sitting on the floor to provide head control and a little bit of trunk support for her to sit and work on holding up her head. You are a cutie. She is playing with my shoe string with her toes. Anyway…so this is simple idea to work on head control with a baby who has low tone and hasn’t quite gotten full head control…although hers has really come along.


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