Babysitting Jobs For Teens



For many teenagers, getting that first babysitting job, is actually their first job, that they’ve ever held, but for many applicants, that are trying to get in to this field, or young ladies or young men, that are trying to get a babysitting job. It’s important to have a little bit of experience before you started.

Market Yourself

My second point in trying to get a babysitting job, for the first time, is that you have to market yourself a little bit. Many individuals will go to their church, or to their schools, and talk to teachers; teachers have kids too, as well as their fellow church members, and advertise themselves. Just letting them know that you are a responsible young man, or young lady, and that you’re willing to do some babysitting, so market yourself. Offer to do it for free, for the first couple of times. When people find you to be a reliable person, they’ll be more than happy to offer you jobs in the future.

Local Paper

Another way to get babysitting jobs, is simply by putting your name out in the local paper. Have Mom and Dad help you write a very short advertisement, in your local paper, saying that you are a responsible young person, that’s willing to do some babysitting. In the ad, you don’t have to put a lot of information. Keep it short, keep it simple. Make sure to put a phone number that they can catch you at, and also you may want to include a time frame. If you go to school, well then obviously, you don’t want people calling you during the day, so you may even encourage people, please call after five. That will allow people to see that you are responsible enough, and you’re willing to take their calls, when you’re available. You may also consider going online. Sometimes Craigslist, or other email search engines, will allow you to advertise your services on there. Once again, keep the ad simple. Simply tell them that you’re a local babysitter, and you want to get your first job.

Online Tools

Also, I would encourage you to use online tools. In this day and age, technology is very useful, for getting a hold of people, so advertise online, as well. You may want to use some websites, such as Craigslist, to advertise your service. Make sure once again, to keep it short. Make sure you give your location, if you live in a specific town. If you’re willing to drive out of town, make sure to mention that as well. I would also make sure that you once again, put your phone number in, and a time, in which they can reach you. Also, because you are using an online source, to advertise, put your email in as well. Many times people will read this information at work, and shooting an email, can be an effective way to get that first job. Be dependable, be safe, and always be on time.


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