Babysitting Service and Dealing With Tantrums and Bad Behavior While Babysitting

Dealing Tantrums

Whether you want to make a little pocket money or have bigger goals in mind, babysitting is a rewarding way to earn cash, help parents, and spread your wings as an entrepreneur. You will need Business plan, Child-care skills, Training course, Set rates Advertisements, Clients Confidence and personal recommendations.

#Step 1. Make a business plan that defines prospective customers for your babysitting service, how much you will charge, and whether you will accept cash, checks, or allow parents to run a tab. Your rates should be competitive with other sitters in your neighborhood.

#Step 2. Assess your skills, which should include first aid, meal preparation, changing diapers, entertaining kids, and knowing how to discipline them fairly. Then bone up on skills you any skills you lack by researching or taking a course.

#Step 3. Find your comfort level, identifying age groups you handle and manage best. Stick with caring for children in that age group first.

#Step 4. Interview prospective clients to evaluate their expectations and to determine whether their environment is a safe place in which to work? Get personal recommendations to interest clients and start your business.

#Step 5. Advertise your babysitting service in your neighborhood with flyers, place classified ads, and spread the news of your new service through word of mouth.

Dealing With Tantrums & Bad Behavior While Babysitting

When using a babysitter, it is good to explain to your sitter that children sometimes have tantrums and are not always very pleasant. So when this happens your sitter needs to understand how to negotiate with a child if a child wants his way and also, if the child is having a tantrum. Usually when a child is having a tantrum, the best thing to do is to be patient, try to talk to the child while the child is having a tantrum to calm him down and if that doesn’t work; to let a few moments pass by and then eventually the child will stop. Negative behavior like hitting, spitting, name calling and being disrespectful can also be redirected with some positive activities. Once the positive activities have been displayed, the child will see that they can have something else better to do and they will enjoy that time with the sitter.

Getting Into Sitting

I’m going to raise the height of the floor by putting her over my thigh. I am going to rotate her around by putting my right arm up… she’s about to come up by herself… I’m going to spin her legs around… oh my star she’s almost there herself… I don’t do anything she does it all. That’s all! That was impressive! Okay, We’re going to make it a little bit trickier then. I’m going to go down to my calf. The floor is lowered. Okay! Okay and she came up! Way to go! All right. Next we’re coming up from the floor. Let’s see what happens. I wonder if I’ve got your good side, sweet pie. This looks impressive. All right. So, I’m giving her a little bit more support. Right here. You can do it. It is so easy. ..Stabilizing that pelvis and letting her work her way the rest of the way up. Thank you for that. Wow! What a big change from last time and way to go, Myla! That’s a simple idea and the progression of it of getting up into the sitting. You were terrific


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