Babysitting Tips For Totally Teenage Twins

Babysitting Tips

Make A Fort

Our very first activity is to make a fort. Now this is a super fun one. You might be able to get the kids to fall asleep in there. But basically you can take sheets and blankets and pillows, and just go to the kids’ rooms and just make forts, or just make a little fun hideout, or arrange their pillows in a fun way, and just have a lot of them making forts. Or if it’s nice outside and you can make clubhouses, or you can make tents, or castles, or whatever you want to make. – If the room seems pretty open, a good thing I like to do, if there’s not a lot of furniture that you can spread sheets across, is to take the kitchen table and chairs and make a circle with them, and if you face all the backs in a circle together with the seats going out, then that’s just a nice circular form. It might be a little small but it’s still a great way to make something out of nothing.

Bake Cookies

So activity number two is to bake cookies. This also leaves the parent a sweet treat, which I’m sure they always like and you get a sweet treat too. Everyone gets a sweet treat. Sweet treats for everyone. So that’s just to make cookies or any type of dessert, whether it be brownies or cookies, or just anything fun that’s always. You can take them to neighbors, and you also can involve the kids with it too. It’s just always good something to make but don’t forget to pick up the mess.

Play Outside

Our third activity is to play outside. Playing outside is great because it’s does not leave a mess or anything. You can take sidewalk chalk, or you can mix paints to make outside on the ground. You can play soccer, any sports and it’s just super fun, and it’s great to get some exercise and energy out. , I feel like that one’s really easy to do, but sometimes it’s overlooked just because, I don’t know, sometimes maybe babysitters might get lazy or whatever, but it’s really good to go get your physical activity because it also tires the kids out too. So it’s just good all around, for everyone.

Make A Craft

The fourth one is to make a craft so sometimes families having a crafting area, or craft case, or you can make one of your own crafts. Car made a marshmallow gun shooter type thing. That was so cute and then I even went over a week later, and they were still playing with it. So that’s super cool, and of course any other crafts. Slime is a big, popular thing going around or just to even make coloring pages, or sticker books. That’s just something good to do. – Water coloring, that’s easy. It helps them focus and it’s something fun to do.


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