Best Children’s Books – The Fairy Godmother Babysits

Godmother Babysits

I wrote the books because I want children to know it’s okay to be magical in fact it’s okay to believe and important to believe in something I think if you can hang onto that your whole life that helps you be open so many possibilities and it helps you look for magical moments and know they are possible. I think they love the idea of having a Fairy Godmother live right next door to them. Who may just grant wishes and who may just allow magical things to occur? I want them to believe that magic is possible. I want them to believe you can make a wish and if you make a wish and work very hard good things can happen, and it also teaches them about caring and the importance about caring for each other, caring for animals, caring for things in the world and that there’s a possibility that if they make a wish something magical might happen because you can always leave a wish in a fairy garden.

Fairy Wish

You can make a wish to a fairy anytime you want to and I also want them to know that people in your community, your neighbors, and people around you are also part of your family and they’re important people in your lives and those relationships are important and they matter. Because sometimes people live next door to someone and don’t know them ever, or the first or last name or anything about them and you walk by them every day and it’s someone who cares wants to know that you’re okay and checks up on you and that’s a very valuable thing and we all need to do that with each other way more than we do I met Kendall and Jillian when they were born because I was their next-door need so as soon as they were born I knew I needed to be their Fairy Godmother so everything I give them get signed FG fairy Godmother, it’s an important job.

Sitting Balance

I am teaching some dynamic balance activities. Alright next I want to work on sitting skills. She can sit a few seconds on her own. She sits best, If she has a little support around her. The trick with a baby is cute as her is where I want to hold her is somewhere like this …right on the microphone… Yes Hi! But where she needs to be is where she’s working. So you need to sit her out a little bit further from you. I am going to see how low I can support her and her stay up sitting. It’ is a good thing I cannot see your face. So, the most support would be all the way up here . She still needs a little work like that because you can help work on bringing it down her shoulders and I can hold down a little bit further and she’s still got it. Let’s see how low I can hold. I’m going a little bit lower. She’s got her toes, and all it’s all so exciting. Yes! It’s exciting! It’s wonderful! Uh-huh and I’m starting to get a little worried. I am going a little bit lower and so I’m at bottom of trunk and top of legs. I’m feeling like if I go any lower. Whoa! I am just legs! I’m feeling a little scared. I hope you found this as a simple idea that you can do at home.


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