Datenight Babysitting and Background Checks For Babysitters

Babysitters Background Checks

Parenthood is hard and parents have less support than they’ve ever had. Everybody needs a break and we’re really helping people take that time for their relationship and for themselves. DateNight is a mobile and web app that connects parents with experienced local babysitters. I started it because I was a parent with two young kids and I thought, “Why is it too difficult to connect with babysitters?” I have a tech background, surely I can solve this problem. You can sign up for DateNight either on your phone or online.

You see a list of experienced local babysitters and you request interviews with them either in person or by Skype. Once you’ve met them, if you love them, which you nearly always do because we’ve already met them and we know that they’re great, then you’re connected and you can book through the app. This is my first big technology venture. I think there are lots to be done in terms of parenting software. I can use an app for so many things that I haven’t found yet. If we win the TELUS Small Business Challenge, we would love to take DateNight national. We would love to connect parents with great babysitters all across Canada. Parents don’t want thousands of mediocre babysitters, they want three or four amazing ones and that’s where DateNight really shines. I like being creative and I like seeing parents so happy that we found them this amazing babysitter. We make people so happy, so I like that.

Background Checks for Babysitters

When it comes to using a babysitter, you may want to do a background check on the person you are going to hire as well as they do a background check on you. It can be an informal background check just as well as you sitting down with one another and talking about your lives. You can let the babysitter know if you are new in the area or if you lived there for a certain amount of time; whether or not you have family in the area or if you have a criminal background. You also want to make sure that the babysitter’s background is also clear as far as any criminal charges, abuse to children or to anyone or if they have done any jail time. Ethnic background and religious backgrounds are also important; that way both parties can come to the situation knowing who they are.

Pull To Sit At 10.5 Months

We start off with the pull to sit from the floor, just to see how she’s doing. I’ve already got my leg blocking her because she tends to slide as I pull her up to sitting. So I’ve got my leg here for that purpose. I hold her hands, I put my thumb in her hand and my fingers are holding her forearms. I’m going to try pulling her up. So she starts off initially with that head lag right there. I’m going to pull her up. You’re looking at the ceiling! Hi! I’m going to just take her back. I’m also noticing how her legs are going out really wide.  I hear you. We are going back. She loses head control fairly quickly on the way down. So that’s a pull to sit from the floor and how she’s doing coming from there.


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