Feeding The Kids While Babysitting and Babysitter Tips For Stay At Home Moms

Kids Feeding

When it is feeding time for your children, it is very important that you let your sitter know all the important things of feeding your child such as the schedule, the types of food that you and your family eat and do not eat, food allergies and also the kids favorite and what they might not like. Also it is very good to remind your babysitter that it is important to sit with the children while they eat for table talk and making sure they don’t choke. It is very important that the sitter knows to wash her hands before handling any of the food and dishes before serving the children and getting the children to wash their hands for 20 seconds before they sit down and eat their meals. When they sit down and have their meals, they should be taught to sit down correctly and this sitter should sit down with them so she can set an example. Even better if she sits and has her meals with them, they can watch her and eat as well as she does.

Tips for Working Moms : Babysitter Tips for Stay at Home Moms

If you stay at home to work, it can be confusing for your family. You are there but you are not really available to them. They may think that you are just hanging out and having a good time but you are actually working. Ask your spouse or good friend or someone who you trust in your support system to take the children away if you need to. They see you all the time and you are mommy and daddy first. They may not even recognize what you are trying to accomplish so I say share your kids with others. They are charming little people, right? But let someone else enjoy them for the evening or one day on the weekend.. You are not ignoring them or neglecting them. You are trying to have a business from home. They will grow to understand and appreciate it later. Take turns with other parents of similar situations and take turn taking their kids for a day. Coop, find a network of other people doing the same thing and make it work.

Sit To Stand At Furniture

We’re going to work on a sit to stand. I do this using me and furniture nearby, because I’m always around myself, I’ve found. So I sit crisscross applesauce in front of a chair or a coffee table. I am trapping her cute little feet between my ankles. I’ve got something she wants up high. I am helping her reach up and then “whoop” stand up to get it. Right now I am supporting at arms because I’m trying to get her arms to reach up too, but I could do it from the trunk. So holding here. I always have then lean forward. So there what they say is have the nose over the toes…and have them stand up. It looks like once I get her started, she pushes through her legs. Hey! No escaping with the feet! Here we go. One more time I’m going to go back to the arms, because I liked that the best. Have her lean forward. Once I get far enough she kind of kicks in and draws up her feet… I see…pretty classic for a child who doesn’t want to take weight on her legs. I am going to squeeze a little bit harder…and “whoop” Okay. So, it’s a simple idea to work on weight bearing through the legs. I hope this idea was simple and helpful.


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