Finding A Babysitting Job and Developing A Good Relationship With Your Babysitter

Babysitting Job

First off I would check to see if you have a elementary school or even a church nearby in a neighborhood that’s not too far, and check with them first, and see if you can do some postings, maybe a flyer, or if you’re up to it, why don’t you walk around the neighborhood, given that you have- that you let somebody know what you’re doing, but walk around the neighborhood and post some flyers so that way you can have the closest to you.

You’d be surprised how many kids are in the neighborhood, and how many families would love the fact that you’re so close and can be there for emergency backups. Last but not least, I would definitely try, you can definitely setup a profile, or an add as you would like to say, and give a specific location and say, I’m looking for jobs within a 5 mile radius of this zip-code, or this address, you don’t have to give specific addresses, but you can definitely give a specific area, maybe a landmark or whatnot. But definitely just look at your neighborhood school or church, neighbors, whatnot, to spread the word so there’s definitely a lot of resources that you can find a babysitting job near you.

Developing a Good Relationship with Your Babysitter

When it comes to the relationship between the family and the sitter, it is very important that you have an open relationship. That way you can discuss things about a problem. The sitter should be able to come to the parent and ask any questions pertaining to the children in the household. The parents should be able to explain and discuss things with your sitter that you want your child to go to or the activities you want your children to participate in. Eventually by working together, you will form a friendship where you should be able to talk to each other openly. When your children see this, they will feel comfortable and know that they have an extended family member in the family to take care of them. When you are away, you will feel comfortable enough to know that the person taking care of your child is very thoughtful and careful.

Teaching Dynamic Sitting Balance

I’m going to take Myla and put her out just a little bit further. I know from trying before that I can hold pretty low. If she needed more help, I’d hold higher. But I’m going to hold as low as I can and her still keep her sitting. I’m going to work on dynamic sitting balance. You can bounce her like that and do this side to side rocking. I tend to do what I call the gas pedal method. I’m up on my tiptoes of both feet so I can go down on one side and her tilt her off to one side. Don’t lose it! I can go down on the other side or up on up on one. What I’m looking for her is for her to lean toward the uphill side which she’s doing a great job of. If I tilt her over here, she is leaning toward the uphill side, C curving that way and over here leaning toward the uphill side. So I can bounce and I can lean. I still have to lean fairly slowly for her to be able to get her balance reactions in. When a child gets stronger I can go faster back and forth, side to side, but she’s not ready to handle that yet. I hope this is a simple idea to work on sitting balance


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