Finding and Getting A Babysitting Job and Finding A Babysitter

Finding Babysitter

If you are ready and have some experience, go to and search for babysitter openings. If you need more advice, read on to learn: What to do first, Where to find jobs and how to be a great babysitter! What to Do before You Apply to a Babysitter Position: Ask your parents if it is ok to find a babysitting job. Decide when you can work and if you have transportation. Get certified if possible at the Red Cross. Your certificate will impress! Take a job as a mother’s helper to gain some experience. Where to Find Babysitting Jobs:

  • First ask neighbors, friends and family.
  • Ask for referrals! Have your parents spread the word!
  • Then ask at organizations such as church daycare and sports. Announce on Facebook and Twitter that you are looking.
  • Use online resources like our job board,, Craigslist, and babysitting agencies.

How To Be A Great Babysitter

  • Ask the parents about discipline, and about what the children like to do.
  • Clean! Parents do not want to come home to a mess.
  • Play with the kids; bring a bag of books and toys for them.
  • Do not fall asleep, have friends over, or talk all night on the phone.
  • Safety is Paramount Get emergency phone numbers from the parents.
  • Find out if the kids have any allergies. Do not tell everyone you will be home alone with children.
  • Keep kids away from water, boxes with lids, cords, small objects, bags and balloons.

How to Find a Babysitter?

When finding a babysitter, one must look for several things in the person; personality, experience and enthusiasm. Personalities should be friendly, warm, loving. That way you know your child is in good hands. If the person has experience with various child groups as far as having a child of their own, helping friends with their children, working in a childcare setting or even being a teacher that is adequate experience. If a person is enthusiastic, you know this person is looking forward to come and be with your child everyday and that way you know they will be well taken care of. Also another thing is to make sure the person is of a legal age to be with your child alone. You can check with your state to make sure that person is at the legal age. Also, if you have all the things combined, you have a well-balanced person to take care of your child.

Sitting Balance and Baby Incline Sit-Ups

This is another way of working on sitting balance. Again the temptation is to hold these kids really close and in. But what they really need to be is out further, so they can work on their sit balance and their trunk strength themselves. So with a weaker child, I’d hold way up high like this supporting high. But Myla is stronger, so I can see how low I can hold. She keeps her sitting balance. There you go! I can hold fairly low. This position allows me to be able to see her face, as opposed to when I sit her away from me and still let’s her work on her sitting balance and give as little support as possible. That’s right! So this is a simple idea to work on sit balance control.

We are going to do a sit up. He is not strong enough to do a sit up all the way from the floor. If I take his beloved elephant, and have my knees up pretty high, (Come on my friend!) he can sit up on his on. Great job, Colton! It is always easier if you have something to lean back on. If you are doing a half of a sit up, leaning back will give him some space to sit up. Hi! We’ll do it one more time, if he will. Come on! Right here! Come on! Come on! You got this! Great job! Super sit up. This is a simple idea to work on stomach strength with your child. Colton did a great job.


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