Games To Play While Babysitting

Babysitting Games

I know every parent deserves a break and sometimes it’s very difficult to find a babysitter. I will explain to you on how to find a babysitter. You may start with maybe family members. If not a family member, you can find young girls and boys in your area that are in middle school and high school that can come into your home, and watch your children and be responsible for them, while you enjoy your time out. Right now I’d like to also explain to you, what you need to have them prepared for.

Like the rules of your home. The homework has to be done, what meals they eat, what they can eat, what time they go to bed, what programs they can watch on T.V.. I would also express, that you, make sure that your child is very comfortable with them so that you can enjoy your evening also out, whatever it may be. Whether it’s to a movie, or to dinner, we would like you to be relaxed. So please just make sure that the person you pick is a responsible person and that you will be comfortable with them and your children will.

Games to Play While Babysitting

When your babysitter is playing games with your children, you should also keep in mind indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games can include games such as board games which is for example we have here, card games that are age appropriate such as Old Maid, Go Fish or if they are older, you can play Uno or I Declare War. You can also play games at the table like finger plays with puppets. Very importantly outdoor things are very important for children’s growth and development. They provide gross motor skills. Usually gross motor skills include balls and running so you can play the Lacrosse with the children.

These are little cross sticks. Kickball or just kicking a ball around the yard and having the children run thinking they are going to win some points. It is very important that the children get out and play to stimulate their mind and their bodies. The indoor games are more for stimulation of the mind and the outdoor games are for strategies and gross motor skills.

Sitting And Propping On An Arm

We will work on ideas to work on trunk control and arm strength. So let me see if I can switch. Here, let’s go this side since you are holding there. So hold your child on one leg. Since that arm was full, I’m going to use this arm. I have her propped down on that one arm. Now, Myla needs a little bit more help with this. So, I have actually do have her back against my body to give her a little bit more support and leaning her down off to the side. It looks like I’m needing to help at that elbow a little bit to help keep it straight to work on arm strength, being able to hold her body weight up with her arm, while she is leaned off to the side. So she’s got a little bit more active trunk. If you notice, I’ve got my hand across her trunk to help give a little bit more support because she needs it. Oh my stars! That’s a simple idea to work on sit control, head control, and arm strength in sitting.


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