How To Be The Perfect Babysitter?

Perfect Babysitter

#Tip 1– when you receive the text message from the parent asking if you’re available, always confirm the time and date and don’t forget to thank them for thinking of you. This is going to make them want to ask you again in the future. Can’t you just text back, “OK. See you then?” Well, you have to remember that you are communicating with adults so using proper grammar and punctuation in a text message usually shows that you’re pretty responsible.

#Tip 2– Before you leave for your babysitting job, think of something that the kids might like to do. I frequently like to bring art projects or board games. That’s really cool. Do the kids like that? They love it. It works every time. They always like to experience something new and fun. So I like to bring the games Hedbanz or Pictionary Man.

#Tip 3– when you arrive at the house, always greet the parents with a big smile and let the kids know how happy you are to see them. Do I need to do anything else? Yes. It’s a good idea to confirm any rules or times with the parents. For example, I like to go over what time they need to eat dinner or what they need to eat and what time they need to go to bed.

#Tip 4– the kids are going to be so excited to see you. So you’re going to want to stay off of your phone. That means no Snapchats or Instagram. Can’t I just check my phone a few times each Snapchat? Come on. No. You only want to use your phone if there’s an emergency or you need to communicate with a parent. Remember, you’re being paid to look out for their kids.

#Tip 5– if you want the parents to be super happy when they get home, make the house look better than it was when you got there. What do you mean? Can you give me an example? Could the kids help? Yes, you can totally get the kids involved. Make sure that they help pick up all their toys and help put the dishes in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is already full, you can get the kids to help you put them away and even make a game out of it.

#Tip 6– it always takes a while to get kids to get in bed. So start it early and make it fun. Can’t you just tell them, it’s time for bed? I wish it was that easy. If there are two kids you’re looking after, try to make it a contest to see who can brush their teeth and get in their pajamas first. You can also read them stories and use funny voices. Last but not least,

#Tip 7– parents love to hear about what their kids did while you were there. So tell them about all the fun things that you did, like the board game and stuff like that. Also, communicate what they ate for dinner and what time they actually went to bed. That makes sense. Also, don’t forget to thank the parents for asking you to babysit their kids and make sure you let them know that you’d love to help them again.


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