How To Entertain A Kid You’re Babysitting?


Here’s how to babysit a child and keep the stimuli coming. You will need Drawing and construction paper, Crayons, Glue sticks, Glitter, Cotton balls, Safety scissors, Treasure Slips of paper Blankets and board games.

#Step 1. Prepare age-appropriate crafts that concentrate the child’s attention. Using drawing and construction paper, crayons, glue sticks, glitter, cotton balls, and child-safe scissors, work with children make pictures that tell stories. Let the child voice what they want to play so they are invested in the fun. Go along, letting them use their imagination.

#Step 2. Take walks and look for sticks, flowers, and dandelions, which can be included in art projects or made into bouquets for parents.

#Step 3. Stage time-outs by playing a meditation-imagination game, sitting with eyes closed and taking the child on a great imaginary exploration of a magical place. If you’re comfortable telling stories, let them embellish and add characters to take the story where they want.

#Step 4. Organize a treasure hunt around or outside the house, leaving clues on slips of paper in nearly hidden spots.

#Step 5. Make forts out of blankets draped over dining room chairs or other furniture. Pretend the floor is lava and randomly placed cushions are rocks.

#Step 6. Play board games that emphasize sportsmanship and cooperation more than winning. Any educational aspect is a plus. Be encouraging and energetic.

#Step 7. Lay broad sheets of drawing paper against objects to make rubbings with crayons – tire tracks, manhole covers, or house numbers.

#Step 8. Involve the child in cleaning up messes by inventing a song about how good it is to clean. Make a competition out of who will be first to get everything done.

How To Babysit An Uncle?

Babysitting an uncle is the funniest thing ever, because uncles are so fun! Here are some tips. The first thing you do when you babysit your uncle is run up to him and let him toss you in the air. He loves tossing you and your cousins in the air. He can do it higher than anyone! Take him on outdoor adventures. Nature is a big playground for uncles. You will never get bored. When you take him on adventures, hold him tight so he feels safe. Go exploring. Uncles love to go exploring. Let him feed you, especially if it’s treats Mom doesn’t approve of. Mom will be mad, but your uncle will laugh. Share your food with him. Uncles love food! Play sports and let him hold the ball for you. Have him come to your performances.

He will be thoroughly entertained and so proud. Have him come to your parties. Go to his races. You can participate, or you can help. Sometimes he will race and you can cheer him on. Uncles have really strong shoulders. Let him take you for rides! Uncles like to swim. They like to play games in the pool. Put your hat on your uncle to protect him. Have fun splashing in his hot tub. Let him show you fun things on his phone. Let him pull you on his four-wheeler. Take him on special outings with your family. Families are so fun! This tip is important. Make sure to give your uncle hugs and kisses. He will probably hug you back. Let him hold you and play with you. You will love it, too! Tell him the fun things you did that day. Make sure to tell him you love him. Uncles love to hear that. Uncles really are the best!


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