Important Emergency Contacts For Babysitter and Limiting TV Time While Babysitting

Emergency Contacts

When leaving a babysitter in charge of your family and children and your home, it is very advisable to leave emergency contact numbers where they can see. For example, on this size piece of paper, you can post it by your phone on the wall so that it can be seen. The numbers should contain the mother’s and father’s cell phone numbers, possibly where they are going to be, poison control, the physician and the nearest hospital. Also, the sitter can also have the numbers programmed into the cell phone if they happen to be out and that way at any time, the sitter can call immediately.

On the other side, the parents should also have the sitter’s number programmed into their phone in case an emergency happens on their end. They can call home immediately or get in touch with you as soon as they can. Once they get in touch with you, you can explain everything that happened but it saves on looking for the number and not knowing the number and having to waste time to search for everything. So that way everything is in place.

Limiting TV Time While Babysitting

When it comes to TV time with the children, it is very important that the babysitter understands the amount of TV your children should watch each day. For example if the babysitter is only babysitting for a few hours, if TV time is allotted it should not be any more than a half an hour. If it is an extended day up 8 to 9 hours, then maybe 2 20-minute TV shows can be allowed. It is best to discourage TV to keep their creativity going but some days TV can be allowed.

Also making sure that the TV shows are age appropriate and educational informational, it is very important that the TV does not display any violence or any negativity that the child can pick up on. Also, advertising channels should be excluded from the children’s program. If you include DVD’s, that means that these are your choices for your children to watch and that way it is easier for the children and the sitter to pick out shows that are appropriate for the children.

How To Teach Your Baby To Side Sit?

I want to work on some new ways to work on sitting. When children first start sitting, they sit with their legs the same, kind of out in front, straight or bent. But as the child comes along in their sitting, they start sitting inside sit. So I am going to place him in the regular kind of sitting like most babies do when they first start off, just like that. Then way that they start figuring out when they are going to transition out of sitting is something called side sit. I am going to help Colton get there. I am going to pick him up a little bit and set him back down. His knees are hidden behind the giraffe, but they are going the same direction. So right now his knees are going to the right, so we call this right side sit. Right now Colton is needing trunk support to be able to hold this position. Later on he will assume this on his own and he will transition in and out of it to get in and out sitting, maybe to hands and knees or down to his stomach. Sometimes kids prop on one hand when they play here, just like that. I don’t have to help as much. Nice job. So side sitting is an easy thing you can do to work on improved sitting balance with your child.


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