What Are Adventures In Babysitting?


No Promise

First off, here’s a pro Tip, if you’re babysitting do not promise them ANYTHING. Toddlers, kids in general, they will hold you up to that promise and if you don’t fulfill that then they’re just going to have trust issues their entire lives so fulfill their promises or don’t make any promises. There. So I had promised to bring them to the pool at a certain day and of course it had to be that certain day because if I did not bring them to the pool on that certain day, it was going to be hell on earth I swear to God. So the certain day I had chosen happened to be an unusually rainy one. But the dad had left the car seats, the kids have already been in their swimsuits since like 10 AM. So I figure hey, we might as well go try, maybe the clouds will clear up they didn’t.

So I drove them to the pool and we were sitting there in my car for like 20 minutes. So the 10 year old and the 5 year old are cool with it and they went to go play at the park for a little bit until we went back home. The three year old was the very definition of a threenager. She always threw a fit like every other day. One of her favorite phrases for me was “You’re not my mom!” and yeah she was just a little difficult to work with sometimes. So this little threenager was just not happy at all that we could not go swimming. She was so upset, in fact, that she took a rage-nap in her car seat and it was during her rage-nap that we decided to go home because it was starting to storm and I didn’t want the kids to be out playing in the lightning.

Don’t Let Kids Play Out In Lightning Weather

It’s not safe. So we get home and the act of trying to get everyone out of the car and everyone out of their car seats wakes the little threenager up and let me tell you, that threenager was not happy to be home rather than at the pool. So I go to take her out of her car seat and she just starts flaying her arms I’m at my wit’s end here because I don’t know how to babysit a dinosaur let alone a toddler and she’s this dinosaur now just throwing this huge fit. But I have to get her out of my car! I can’t just leave her in the car!

Do Not Leave The Children In The Car

So my genius, at wit’s end, babysitting idea is to just remove her with the car seat still intact. So I unbuckle the car seat from my car, I lift her up, she’s still flaying but it doesn’t affect me because I have this huge car seat guard around her. I pick her up and I take her to the porch and I put her on the porch and she just has to sit there ’till she figures out how to either get herself out of the car seat or settle down long enough for me to get her out of the car seat and then me and this little dinosaur threenager just watch her brothers go play while she’s just sitting there pouting, throwing a fit, even though I’m the one who didn’t even put her in time out. She put herself in time out and then eventually she unlocks herself from the car seat and she decides to go play with her brothers and everything’s okay in the world!


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