What Is Grandparents Babysitting?


Most grandparents who locate their senior subject years loaded with babysitting grandchildren would not want it any other way. They are generally happy that they are in a situation to assist via caring for their grandchildren when family situations warrant it. They have a novel chance to bond and construct lasting relationships with the youthful family individuals whom they watch. Grandparents can be valuable babysitters to their grandchildren when they are able to satisfy the requirements. It is an opportunity and duty which does not come to all, but rather it could be a loved ordeal for the individuals who do it.

For those of us who leave our children with their grandparents, you need a strategy for picking your battles. You might find that you have certain things that you do in your own home such as restrict television, or TV or soda or candy. Well, enter grandma’s house and all of these little rules might just get tossed out of the window. You might try to get your mother to adhere to your rules and she might just end up chuckling and say “you people nowadays”. I have a friend actually who told me that her mom said you people these days with your safety devices, your car seats, it’s all so complicated”.


So, we all can have different perspectives on all of this. I know with my own kids that when they go to their grandparents’ house, the standard meal is Swedish pancake with maple syrup followed by a candy bar and then some juice, and they’re very happy about it. Now this is not, by the way how things were when I was a kid. But the key thing to me here really is that we all need to pick our battles. The same thing that you like to do when you are a mom or your husband’s mother or father doesn’t really want to follow those rules, ask yourself does this really matter. If your child goes over to grandma’s house and has a little extra doughnut or a jelly sandwich or a few extra candies, is it really, really going to matter the next day.

That’s kind of my little rule of thumb. Will I care about this tomorrow? And if the answer is no, I just try to zip my mouth and not say anything because it’s really nice on the part of the grandparents to take your kids and you really want to encourage them to spend as much time as they can with your kids. So try to stay out of these little details. Pick your kid up and when you do, don’t ask too many questions. Don’t say, “Did he nap? What time did he nap? What did he eat for lunch? Did he play outside? Did you read that book that I gave you? “Don’t worry about this, just say hi, say thank you, pick your kid up, bring your child home, give them a healthy dinner and put them to bed, what you don’t really know, won’t really upset you.


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