Why House Cleaning Is Necessary For Babysitting?

House Cleaning

Extra Payment

It’s really good when you clean. Parents don’t usually feel like they need to rehire you when they come home to a dirty, messy house. I once had a babysitting job, where the parents had just they said, , it’s okay. When the kids are in bed, you can just sit around and relax. But I saw that the house needed a little bit of cleaning and so I went ahead and vacuumed the floor and put the dishes in the dishwasher and when they got home, they were so happy, they paid me extra.


So cleaning is very important when you’re babysitting.  and I had an experience like that, one time and they actually called my mom, the day after, and were raving about how awesome it was to find you were a babysitter that cleaned up their house without them having to ask them to do it and it’s just a really good thing to get you rehired and it makes the parents like you a lot more and then they go tell their other friends about you and it’s the free marketing again. So when bedtime rolls around, if the parents give you a specific time to put the kids to bed, you need to put them to bed at that time and if you have a kid that’s having a hard time going to bed, there are things you can do, like read them a story. Read them books. I mean, you can sing the songs. I sing them lots of fun songs, sometimes and if the kid’s having more trouble, after you’ve tried everything, you can text the parents and ask them what they do with their kids and just try to keep them try to calm them down, so they feel like they can go to sleep.


So when the parents come home, give them an honest report about what happened when they were gone and be like, your kids are so adorable, we had so much fun, so they know that you had a good time with their kids and you interacted with them and if you did have trouble putting one of the kids to bed, just tell them that you had trouble and be like, what can I do better next time, when you call them or call me so that you can fix it, next time and then the kid will go to bed easy.. Every parent wants to see their babysitter and see that they’re as involved as they would have been or that they care for their kids as much as they do. So the big question that we know you’ve been asking is, how much do we charge for babysitting? And it honestly depends on the family.

Generally, you don’t want to be the one to bring up money. You want the parents to be the one to bring it up and if they give you a price, and you think it’s reasonable, then go ahead with it. But if they ask you now, what do you usually get paid for babysitting, our general idea is If they have three kids and under, just say, $4 to $5 an hour and if they have three kids and above, say, it’s usually $1 an hour and $1 per kid. So that’s our general consensus for money, but not everyone has to do that. . Honestly, just make sure that you do the best that you can and have it be as much fun for the kids and make sure that you leave the house cleaner than when you came.


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